Posted August 3rd, 2014 by Dylan

I am standing in a tomb (no surprise there then!) with my companions, tracing the faint lines of a unique depiction of an ephemeral king. We find parts of his arm and legs but rather more of his wife, who was the eldest of the girls. Moving next door (so to speak) we examine the damaged reliefs recording a possible visit to this site by a much more famous king; quite a family get-together! Hmm, interesting; debatable; contentious even! Next we take a short ride to visit a temple (What? In Egypt?!) which seems also to be unique in appearing to have only one pillar; though in reality it is more unusual theologically…

Now, although we seem to be leaving, my excitement grows as we approach the Nile. I love boats and although we will not really be cruising, it will be a relaxing and enjoyable escape from the frantic ‘sales’, – with the light as beautiful as ever.

Somewhat later we ascend some stairs up a low cliff to look at a light inscription – but through a glass darkly. It is a beautiful example of the extreme art of the period. With time still in hand, we call in at a curious tomb, seemingly made for a cherished, tame, companion god. We end our day on the same site, swishing along underground through soft sand; dark and mysterious cavities opening on either side of us. “This is where they filmed The Mummy”, I tease my companions. Not true, but they agree, it feels like it.


1. Who was the owner of the first tomb?

2. At which site did we end our day?