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2019 was a very busy year for me on the ‘lecture circuit’, especially with my Royal Ladies of the New Kingdom study day receiving a number of bookings. I hoped to cut down a little in 2020, but that may not be possible…

The following are my bookings for 2020 to date (more may be added as the year goes on):

The Ancient Egypt and Middle East Society (AEMES).

March 14th 2020, from 1.30pm. Venue: The Robert Hardy room, Bishop Grossteste University, Longdales Road, LINCOLN, LN1 3DY.

Talk 1. Strange Tales from the Royal Mummies. Many of the stories told concerning the discovery of the Royal Mummies of Ancient Egypt are not quite true, but often truth is stranger than fiction. We have several tales to explore.

Talk 2. When Queens Were Pharaohs. At various points throughout the course of its history Egypt was ruled by a woman. We will look at the circumstances which led to a female occupying a traditional male role, and at how successful these reigns were.

Members: £13.75; Student: £6.80; Non-Members: £15.75 (includes refreshments).

Contact. Secretary, Mrs. Sue Kirk. Tel.: 01754 765341.

Manchester Ancient Egypt Society (MAES)

March 21st 2020, 10.30 – 5.30. Venue: The Longfield Suite, Prestwich, Manchester. M25 1AY.

Queens of the New Kingdom Study Day, with: Ken Griffin; Sarah Griffiths; and Dylan Bickerstaffe. For this I contribute three talks:

Nefertari, Beloved Queen of Ramesses II:

Part One – Finding A Tomb : Tracing A Life. The tomb of Nefertari was the culmination of a series of discoveries in the Valley of the Queens, but added little to the biography of such a celebrated queen.

Part Two – A Wife Favoured Above All Others… Why was Nefertari so favoured? What do we know of Ramesses’ other women?

The Ancient Egyptian Harem, and the Conspiracy Against Ramesses III. How do we balance the images we have of sensuous, scented maidens and sweet music, with the evidence for a weaving sweat shop? The rivalry between two queens led to the most famous of the Harem Conspiracies and the assassination of Ramesses III.

Contact. Secretary, Sarah Griffiths:

Essex Egyptology Group

April 5th 2020, from 3pm. Venue: The Barn. Spring Lodge Community Centre, Powers Hall End, Witham, Essex CM8 2HE

The Royal Harem in Ancient Egypt: Debauchery or Drudgery? What was the true character of the ancient Egyptian harem? What took place there? Who lived there?

Contact: Janet Brewer: Tel. 07732 563935.

The Ancient World Society (TAWS)

July 11th 2020. Venue: The Boston and County Club, Park Gate, Boston, Lincolnshire, PE21 6RL.

A Day With Dylan

Bull Leapers of the Aegean and Levant. The cult of the bull was very strong in the ancient cultures of the Mediterranean and Middle East. The familiar images of bull leaping are just one part of a much larger picture including bull-capture and control, found at sites from the Aegean Sea, to the Levant, and Egypt, and including a whole artistic repertoire. Echoes are still heard in the present day.

Did Tutankhamun Hide Nefertiti in Tomb KV62? In 2015, when Dr. Nicholas Reeves launched his theory that the burial of King Nefertiti might lie behind the north wall in KV62 (the Tomb of Tutankhamun), I countered the idea on a number of points. Since then the wall has been scanned by GPR by three separate teams, and the area outside the tomb has also been searched for clues. In spite of the negative findings, in 2019 Reeves returned with the assistance of Dr. Ballard to try and resurrect the theory. This talk charts the history to date and explores the positive and negative evidence in detail. A fascinating insight.

Contact: Sandy Davey: Tel. 01205 722997.

Southampton Ancient Egypt Society

July 18th 2020, from 9.30am. Venue: Oasis Academy, Lord’s Hill, Southampton.

Study Day – Royal Ladies of the New Kingdom (4 sessions)

1. Queens of Liberation and Foundation; King Hatshepsut.

2. Great Royal Ladies – Tiye and Nefertiti; The Last Amarna Ladies; King Neferneferuaten;

The Harem – Drudgery or Debauchery?

3. The Great Royal Wife of Ramesses II – Nefertari Beloved of Mut. Ramesses’ Other Queens.

4. King TWOSRET; The Ramesses III Harem Conspiracy; The Last Queens and God’s Wives.

Contact. Secretary, Nicola Simpson: Tel. 07729 627901.