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Posted December 3rd, 2009 by Dylan

An Ancient Egyptian Case BookAn Ancient Egyptian Case Book

Intriguing evidence that undermined incredible headlines

Canopus Press, 2014. A4, Paperback, 350pages,

Illustrated in Colour throughout,

ISBN 978-0-9561875-2-9

£25 + P&P 

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An Ancient Egyptian Case Book presents thorough investigations into ancient texts, excavation reports, and early travellers’ records to arrive at plausible explanations of what actually happened.

4 cases examine evidence relating to the exploration of tombs of the Amarna period, including: Whether burials & jewellery were found in the Royal Tomb at Amarna; Who was buried in King’s Valley tomb 58; How Howard Carter came to be hiding Tutankhamun’s Lotus Head; Tomb KV63 & the clues given by embalming caches.

6 cases evaluate the identification of Royal Mummies: Whether the Niagara Mummy can be Ramesses I; Did the Pharaohs have short lives?; How the mummy of Queen Ahmose Nefertari decomposed – and recovered!; What DNA has told us about the Amarna Royal family; The mummies of Old Kingdom kings; What killed the mummy, Unknown Man E?

3 chapters provide detailed reconstructions of events based on ancient texts: The Harem Conspiracy against Ramesses III; The Tomb-robberies under Ramesses IX; The suspicious circumstances of how Antinuous (the favourite of Emperor Hadrian) came to drown in the Nile.

1 mystery from the classic period of early Egyptology, when a play in the Valley of the Queens was apparently struck by a curse.

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Identifying the Royal Mummies BookIdentifying the Royal Mummies

Canopus Press 2009.  PB. 200pp + 16pp Illustrations.

ISBN 978-0-9561875-1-2            £15.00 + p&p

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Identifying the Royal Mummies (Part 4 of Refugees for Eternity). As the title suggests, the various means by which the identity of a royal mummy may be ascertained, or at least surmised, are discussed and evaluated here, e.g.: Funerary Inscriptions and Dockets, The Royal Pose in Death, Mummification Techniques, Age at Death, and Family Likenesses. The evidence for each individual mummy is then discussed in turn. Tables provide convenient check lists, and also details of mummies and coffins for each of the royal caches.


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An Ancient Egyptian Case Book

Identifying the Royal Mummies